slurry pump with water use should pay attention to matters

1, water connection: water with water in the set interface, the hose clamps or wire to be tied to prevent leakage, leakage.
2, the use of slurry pump water: the use of high-pressure water with high-pressure water should be connected to the pump away from the place closer to water after the water belt should be to prevent reverse or sudden bending, and should prevent water Interface Collision Damage.
3, slurry pump for water connection: the laying of water, to avoid sharp objects, through the traffic thoroughfare laying of water, it is best to do protective treatment, through the highway, should be dug through the appropriate from below to avoid The water belt was crushed by the wheels and intermittently supplied with water.
4, slurry pump water belt maintenance: water use, to clean, for detailed washing, protective layer. In order to remove the oil on the water can be washed with warm water or soap, frozen water, the first to use the melt, and then clean dry, not dry with water storage should not be rolled.
5, water storage: water can not be long-term outdoor sun and rain, try to stay away from heat, to prevent aging, to avoid corrosive and viscous material pollution, storage location, should have the appropriate temperature and good ventilation, do not use When the water strip should be rolled up single, several times a year to flip and exchange folding several times, should avoid friction with each other, if necessary, to exchange folding.
6, slurry pump for the management of water: a person responsible for management, to prevent damage without cause, all water should be classified according to quality, number of books, in order to grasp the use of water.