slurry pump water use to pay attention to what?

1, the water with the connection: the water in the water jacket with the interface, the need to use hose clamp or wire tie to prevent leakage, leakage.
2, the use of slurry pumpwater: the use of high-pressure water, the high pressure of the water should be close to the water pump near the place, after the water to prevent water or reverse bending, and should prevent the water Interface collision is damaged.
3, slurry pumpdedicated water connection: the laying of water, to avoid the sharp objects, through the traffic road laying water, it is best to do protection treatment, through the road, should be properly dug deep from below to avoid The water was crushed by the wheels and intermittently supplied.
4, slurry pumpwater with the maintenance: water use, to clean, to conduct a detailed wash, protect the adhesive layer. In order to remove the oil on the water, can be washed with warm water or soap, frozen on the water, the first to use the melting, and then clean to dry, no dry water should not be reel storage.
5, the water storage: water can not be long-term outdoor sun and rain, as far as possible away from heat near, to prevent aging, to avoid corrosive and sticky material pollution, storage location, should have the appropriate temperature and good ventilation, When the water should be rolled up a single layer, each time to flip several times and exchange fold several times, should avoid mutual friction, if necessary, to exchange folding.
6, slurry pumpdedicated water management: to have a person responsible for the management, to prevent no reason to damage, all water should be classified according to quality, numbered in order to master the use of water.