slurry pump

1, slurry pump seal
slurry pump shaft seal in two forms, one is packing seal, one is a mechanical seal. slurry pump shaft seal is also wearing parts, in the course of the use of special attention to long-term use in maintenance.
A, slurry pump shaft seal the use of multi-stage pump packing, centrifugal pump protection:
If the pump uses a packing seal, in the long-term protection time, the filler must be removed, put on a special filler, the filler is only used during the protection period.
Filler PTFE is recommended for fillers. Before commissioning, it is necessary to determine whether to remove the special packing and replace it with the packing used during operation.
B, slurry pump seal mechanical seal of the multi-stage pump, centrifugal pump shaft seal used in the maintenance:
slurry pump mechanical seal without replacement, anti-rust agent through the loop and quenching the interface outflow, hand rotation of the rotor some time, so that anti-rust agent filled the entire sealed chamber.
2, slurry pump body
First of all, slurry pump body surface must be clean, with anti-rust agent on the multi-stage pump, centrifugal pump for rust treatment. If the water pump flange with an annular trough, should be provided with two flat pad in the slot. Unused pipe holes are screwed with metal caps. Cooling water or circulating lines with plugs and then sealed in the pump pump body rust inhibitor, when filled with anti-rust agent, turn the rotor by hand some time (note the direction of rotation). Usually for large multi-stage pump, centrifugal pump body, on-site treatment method is usually used spray, so that every 6 months spraying time.
3, slurry pump bearing frame protection
slurry pump bearing frame and the same pump pump body protection is full of anti-rust agent. The rust inhibitor is filled up to the bottom of the pump shaft. Multi-stage centrifugal pump storage maintenance, the pump is full of anti-rust agent components (multi-stage pump body, bearing box, bearing frame), every 6 months to remove the condensate dry weathering, if necessary, Rust agent, at the same time in order to prevent corrosion of pump bearings, while rotating the bearing rotor, so that the protection of oil filled bearing surface.