What is the use of sewage sludge pump?

1, sewage mud pump used in mining, paper, printing and dyeing, environmental protection, graphite, mica, gold, ceramics, oil refining, oil, chemicals, farms, salt, iodine, dyeing, wine, food, fertilizer, coking plant, , Marble factory, gold mine, mud, quicksand, mud pond, sewage pond, dirty liquid to send thick liquid thick liquid, charge and suspended material sewage operations, but also for coal mine drainage and mud containing fluid.
2, if the high-pressure water pump, water gun with the mud pump composed of hydraulic mechanized earthwork unit, can be used for land formation, river and pond dredging, mud pump chisel and other small water conservancy project excavation and input, and the city's Air defense works, the following works.
3, sewage mud pump fish used as water clear pond, fish pond and so on.