What are the main factors affecting the performance of the slurry pump?

slurry pump performance of the two main parameters for displacement and pressure. Displacement to discharge a few liters per minute to calculate it with the drilling diameter and the required flushing fluid from the bottom hole on the back of the speed of the larger diameter of the larger displacement required. It is required that the flushing fluid's back-up speed be able to cut off the cutting rock powder from the drilled hole in time and to carry it to the earth surface reliably. Geological core drilling general upward speed of about 0.41 m / min. Pump pressure depends on the depth of the drilling fluid through the channel resistance and the nature of the flushing fluid. The deeper the hole the greater the resistance the higher the pressure required. With the diameter of the drill hole changes in the depth of the pump displacement can also be adjusted at any time. In the pump mechanism is equipped with a gearbox or a hydraulic motor to adjust its speed  in order to achieve the purpose of changing the displacement. In order to accurately grasp the pump pressure and displacement changes on the slurry pump to be installed on the flowmeter and pressure gauge at any time so that drillers understand the operation of the pump through the pressure change to determine whether the hole condition is normal to prevent accident occurred hole.