The cause of the suction pump suction axis

In the process of using a suction sand pump, the rotor position of the suction pump must be fixed so as to ensure that the pump itself does not exhibit axial movement.
1. Impeller exit is consistent with guide vane or pump housing center.
2. Rotor parts such as the impeller does not rub against the pump body.
If the suction pump appears axial movement, can be fixed by the following methods:
1) with a balance plate suction sand pump, balance plate itself is a positioning device. Because of its automatic adjustment of the axial thrust, the rotor position in a small variable range.
2) no balance plate suction sand pump, should be equipped with thrust rolling bearings.
3. Axial thrust of the sand suction pump itself is balanced due to the symmetrical arrangement of the impeller or the opening of a balance hole. Radial bearings are generally used instead of thrust bearings.
4. In practice, you will encounter the sand pump shaft around the movement. For a sand pump with a balance plate, its movement mostly occurs when the pump starts or stops, because the axial thrust disappears and the balance plate does not function. Normal running in the movement is very small, it is difficult to see out.
The positioning of the suction bearing sand suction pump, channeling factors are:
1, sand pump bearings are not covered by the end cover.

2, thrust bearing serious damage.

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