Slurry pump impeller structure Brief:
Shishui Mining Pump Co., Ltd. Slurry pump impeller according to the situation can be divided into closed-type impeller, open-type impeller and semi-open impeller three forms
The closed impeller consists of the blade and the front and rear covers. Closed impeller of the higher efficiency, manufacturing more difficult, the most used in centrifugal pumps. Suitable for conveying clean water, solution and other small viscosity-free cleaning fluid. Closed impeller generally have 6-8 tablets, more to 12.
The open impeller has only a leaf blade without a complete cover.
The semi-open impeller is an impeller with only the rear cover and no front cover. In general, in the sewage pump containing suspended solids, in order to avoid clogging, sometimes use open or semi-open impeller. This impeller is characterized by fewer leaves, generally only 2-5 tablets.