Slurry pump blockage analysis

1. Tiekou in just opened a smaller diameter, slag slow, slag volume is small, but with the extension of time, in the molten iron under the erosion of melting loss, larger, faster slag.
When the slag volume is bigger than 6d / min, the slag water ratio is less than 1: 8. When the slag content is large, the capacity of the slag pump is reduced and the slag pump is easy to clog 3. The total water flow is not greater than 60m? / Min, the output of the slag pump is 70m? / Min, and the output is greater than the input. When the slag flow is large, there is water overflow To the relay tank, indicating that the input is greater than the output, the ability of slag pump has been significantly reduced, which is more caused by the slag water ratio increases, slag pump more easily blocked.