Select the slurry pump seal

slurry pump in the use of the process, we should pay attention to its sealing problem. Perhaps we all know, there are three kinds of sealed slurry pump way, then the three ways to choose the seal it?
Seal on the choice, the most important thing is to first understand the characteristics of these sealing methods, and then can be based on specific circumstances.
First, the packing seal is the most common kind of seal is injected into the seal water by the form of continuous filling in the filler inside a certain pressure water, a pump slurry to prevent leakage: not suitable for the impeller shaft seal with the multi-level series Pump, with packing shaft seal. Packing shaft seal structure is simple, easy maintenance, cheap.
Followed by impeller seal, is through a reverse centrifugal force of the impeller to prevent slurry leakage. Pump in the pump inlet pressure is not greater than the value of 10% of the single-stage pump or multi-stage series pump pump can be used to pay the first impeller shaft seal, impeller shaft seal with no seal water, not diluted slurry Body, good sealing effect and so on. So in the case of slurry does not allow dilution, consider such a seal.

Again, the mechanical seal, the sealing requirements are generally relatively high to use. In particular, some chemical, food, not only requires sealing, and the most important is not allowed to add additional components into the pump. The disadvantage is that high cost, maintenance difficulties.

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