OEM Parts

YIFAN PUMP can offer all pump parts and other mining equipment parts OEM services. We has a wealth of experience in the production of wear-resistant high-chrome white cast iron. From the most critical casing stage where prototyping, melting, inspection and heat treatment are done, to machining, to assembly, each white cast iron component is taken good care of every step of the way. Stringent manufacturing process, a focus on continuous process improvement, and the ever-tightening quality control ensure we produce high quality OEM pump parts to meet customers' expectations.

We are an engineering based company, with a team of vibrant technicians who work around the clock to improve the most critical manufacturing process for us. Our pump experts are further supported by senior cast metals engineers with 10 years combined experience in the manufacture of high-chrome alloy cast iron.

We are able to make prototypes or molds needed for mass producing your OEM parts according to the technical drawing you provide. We also offer reverse engineering services where we measure your pump parts samples, create a technical drawing, and make prototypes or molds in order to produce OEM parts. During the mass production of your samples, our technicians would set out the complete tolerance bands for each dimension of the parts based on where they are going to be fitted. This is to ensure optimal interchangeability of our parts with your original samples. We produce a wide range of OEM wet-end parts that are 100% interchangeable with many popular slurry pump models in the world.

Wear-resistant high-chrome cast iron: that contains 15%, 27%, 29%, 30%, or 35% of chrome
Grey iron, ductile iron: HT200, HT250, QT500-7, QT400-12 
Stainless steel: 304, 316, 316L, CD4MCu 
Rubber: natural rubber, butyl rubber, chloroprene rubber, hypalon, etc. 
Polyurethane: pump, froth floatation machine, hydrocyclone 
Ceramic: Made of nitride bonded silicon carbon, the ceramic is selected to make pump parts
Shaft sleeve, shaft spacer: C21, C23