How to choose a centrifugal pump? Selection Technique of Centrifugal Pump

Centrifugal pump selection, if several types of pumps can meet the requirements, you should choose economical and efficient work in the pump area. Under normal circumstances are using a single pump operation, in important positions can be set to spare pump. If the required flow is larger, should use the pump with large flow, generally do not consider the parallel operation of multiple pumps.
Centrifugal pump is a universal machine, has been standardized, serialized, when the production needs, according to the physical and chemical properties of the liquid transport, operating conditions, transportation requirements and equipment layout options such as the actual choice of pump models and specifications. The following brief selection of centrifugal pump steps.
(1) to collect and deal with the transmission of liquid-related data, including transmission of liquid corrosive, toxic, density, viscosity, vapor pressure, solid particle content and size of physical and chemical properties, temperature, pressure, flow and its possible changes Range and other operating conditions, as well as the pipeline system and piping characteristics, pump installation conditions and installation methods.
(2) Calculate the required lift, effective power and shaft power. The required flow in the calculation should be the maximum flow that can occur during normal operation.
(3) according to the manufacturer to provide samples or national standards in the centrifugal pump performance table, select the pump model.
In general, the pump material depends on the corrosive liquid, such as the transport of ammonium sulfite can choose stainless steel, glass steel and other materials as the main corrosion-resistant pump, elm water can be used gray cast iron as the main material of the pump. Pump out, the population diameter depends on the delivery of liquid flow. Pump series depends on the required pipe head, so that the pump head slightly higher than the required pressure head. Pump sealing performance depends on the toxicity of the liquid, such as conveying water seal with the filler, the transport of benzene must be mechanical seal.