Common problems with slurry pump

Slurry pump blockage has the following five reasons:
① medium density is not uniform. The media density is not uniform caused by the pump will start just when the vibration, when the pump is turned on normally, the pump vibration will disappear, this situation without treatment, just before driving, pay attention to the medium with high pressure air blowing; Not level. In the installation and operation should check the level of the pump; ③ have cavitation, so that the impeller pump imbalance. Should reduce the installation height, adjust the small water valve, reduce the import resistance; ④ intake pipe intake is not uniform. Should improve the pump feed situation, to strengthen the uniformity of the air intake; ⑤ pump bearing clearance large. Bearing clearance over the General Assembly led to the vibration of the pump in the daily operation of the equipment should always pay attention to observe the pump and found that the pump shaft and the motor shaft is not damaged or damaged to deal with timely.
Slurry pump selection design of the slurry pump life and operational stability has a great impact. A scientific and rational selection of design, will affect your slurry pump is able to achieve the best efficient operation. Second, the suction pump piping system must be no leakage state, while the operation should pay attention to whether the phenomenon of plugging the mouth. Slurry pump required to deal with the media with more solid particles, so the grid placed in the pump should be placed in line with the slurry pump can pass the requirements of particles to reduce the large particles or long fiber material into the pump caused by the possibility of congestion Sex.