Centrifuge the pump to start and stop when to pay attention to what

Centrifugal pump is a vane pump, depending on the rotation of the impeller in the rotation process, due to the interaction between the blade and the liquid, the blade will be mechanical energy to the liquid, so that the pressure of the liquid can be increased to achieve the purpose of transporting liquid.
1, centrifugal pump at a certain speed produced by the head has a limit. The operating point flow and shaft power depend on the condition of the device connected to the pump (bit difference, pressure difference and pipe loss). The head changes with the flow.
2 work stable, continuous transmission, flow and pressure without pulsation.
3 generally no self-absorption capacity, the need to pump the first liquid or the pump into a vacuum before they can start work.
4, vertical pipe centrifugal pump in the discharge pipe valve closed state start, vortex pump and axial flow pump in the valve fully open state to start, to reduce the starting power.
Because the centrifugal pump is centrifugal force to form a vacuum suction to lift the water, so the centrifugal pump starts, you must first open the valve, irrigation. The water level above the impeller parts, the discharge of centrifugal pump in the air before they can start. After the start, the impeller around the formation of a vacuum, the water up the suction, the gate valve can automatically open, the water lift. Therefore, the valve must be closed first.
In order to ensure the safe operation of the centrifugal pump, start the centrifugal pump unit should be carefully checked before, especially for the new installation or maintenance of the pump, before starting to pay attention to do the inspection work. After the inspection, but also pay attention to parking operations to extend the life of the car to ensure that the centrifugal pump to work properly.
Centrifugal pump parking operation is as follows:
(1) close the vacuum gauge and pressure gauge valve;
(2) Slowly close the outlet gate valve, then stop the motor.
Centrifugal Pump Stop Note:
(1) centrifugal pump, such as the first stop and then close the outlet valve, out of the tube of high-pressure liquid may be back into the pump, causing the wheel high-speed reversal, resulting in damage.
(2) If the pump is not used for a long time or the ambient temperature is below 0 ℃, the pump should be released.
(3) of the axial pressure pump on the general pressure pipe does not set the gate valve, you can directly shut down.
(4) for the deep well pump, parking can not immediately start the pump again to prevent the impact of water flow, generally only 5 minutes before starting again.