Centrifugal pump repair and gear pump growth

Centrifugal pump impeller has the following repair method:
(1) quick steel repair method. Before the repair, will be to repair the dirt around the dirt, dirt, etc. clean and roughened. Remove the colloid in the quick plastic pipe, the colloid core and the skin of two different colors of the material quickly and fully kneaded into a color, to heat soft as well. In the fast-forming colloid to be solidified before, firmly adhere to the repair office, and with the colloid curing process forced several times, to enhance the adhesion of plastic and leaves. After the hardening steel, with a file file flat.
(2) Epoxy resin repair method. In accordance with the ratio, insulation gear pump in order to take appropriate amount of epoxy resin, ethylenediamine, dibutyl phthalate, acetone on the glass mixture, mix well. Stir the attention of adhesive viscosity, the amount of acetone dosage. Prepared epoxy resin is best used in 20-30min. With a wool brush dipped in epoxy resin, brush the surface of the leaf surface of the trachoma, stomata, brush with a sharp cone when the squeeze out the trachoma, air bubbles in the middle of the hole, try to even Tu Tu, while scraper gently scraping pressure real. To be epoxy resin 1-2h after curing, and then brush 2 to 3 times. When brushing the last time, make sure that the blade surface is smooth and smooth. After the brushing, the impeller on 20-30 ℃ and relatively low humidity environment, slowly curing 48h. After the epoxy resin is fully cured, the contours of the impeller and the protrusions on the surface are trimmed with a rasp or grinder.
(3) gas welding repair method. The impeller on the charcoal heated to 400-500 ℃, hang in the solder hanging tin, and then oxygen-acetylene flame to the brass wire to be repaired to repair the groove or hole, after welding to remove the charcoal, with asbestos Board covered with insulation, so that leaves slowly cooling, so as to avoid cracks. After welding with a rasp according to the original contour lines for processing and dressing.